T LIVE 2019 / 20

Sep 26

w Crystal Palace   |   Meisenfrei   |   Bremen

Sep 28

w Crystal Palace   |   Bergkeller   |   Reichenbach

Oct 04

w Crystal Palace   |   Die Wabe   |   Berlin

Nov 09

w Crystal Palace   |   Parkvilla   |   Alphen / NL

Nov 22

w Crystal Palace   |   Chez Heinz   |   Hannover

Nov 23

w Crystal Palace   |   Tuchfabrik   |   Trier

Mar 13 2020

w Chandelier  |   Spirit of 66 |   Verviers

Mar 14 2020

w Chandelier   |   Zeche Carl   |   Essen

There will be secret gigs happening at aftershow parties. Well, not so secret, now, but anyway: t will have his acoustic guitar with him.

There will also be a performance art group supporting the gigs at most venues.

Several venues will have free gin, coffee or whisky tastings that t has organized for his fans.

Occasionally, there will be wrong notes, too.

Don t miss this tour. It might be the only one ever happening.